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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Andrew is the co-founder of the Private Practice Consultants.  Andrew comes from an entrepreneurial background and knows the rewards and struggles of running a business.  Andrew is passionate about helping others build practices from nothing.  


Andrew is the founder and the clinical director of Couples Retreat at Ocean Coral and Eating Disorder Recovery Retreat.  He also co-founded the Belmount centre, individual, couple, and family therapy in 2004.  His previous professional experience includes many years working in hospitals, residential programs, and private practice in Boston, Massachusetts.

Andrew started working with the Canadian Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (CAMFT) when it was a sub-unit of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT).  When he became president of CAMFT in 2016, he helped facilitate the separation from AAMFT, becoming the first independent national association for Marriage and Family Therapists in Canada.  

You can find more information about Andrew's therapy practices through his website:


  • Masters of Arts, Psychology (M.A.)

  • Registered Marriage & Family Therapist (RMFT)

  • Licensed Couple & Family Therapist (Quebec)

  • Registered Psychotherapist (Quebec)

  • Clinical Fellow of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy


  • President of the Canadian Association for Marriage & Family Therapy

  • iaedp International Chapter Chair for Canada

  • Member of Eating Disorders Association of Canada (EDAC)

  • Member of the International Family Therapy Assoc.

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